Psychology Of Sales


First of all, less is more! It is important to understand that in many cases we say way too much. Focus on benefits. Consumer benefits. Stay away from clinical education and talk about how your service or product benefits your patient.

Utilizing the proper verbiage at the right time is also hugely important. As an example, utilize reserved instead of confirmed. On a confirmation call if you use, “is that day and time still ok for you Mr. Smith?”, or “Mr. Smith, does that still work for you”? You are setting yourself up for failure in many circumstances if you do not utilize the proper verbiage at the proper time. Many times we talk ourselves out of the sale.

Focusing on benefits will help you get to closed more often. As an example, communicate to your patient that their appearance and function are vastly improved with a crown, and that extracting that same tooth will cause problems with abutting teeth. Repeat and reinforce these benefits with visual communication.

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