Decision Makers


A very common occurrence in the dental office is communicating to patients while they are in our office about all of the dental work they require without having a proper plan of presentation.

One of the most important aspects of having a proper plan is to ensure that you are speaking to all of the decision makers when the time comes to present the financial proposal.

When chair-side, certainly communicate to your patient what they require from a clinical point of view. However, if you make the mistake of continuing with the financial presentation without having all of the decision makers in attendance, you are generally creating an issue that does not have to happen.

At the appropriate time, usually after you have presented your clinical options, ask your patient this simple question. “Mrs. Smith, is there anyone else that would be involved in your oral health decisions from a financial perspective other than yourself?” What this simple sentence does is create a better opportunity for you to present the financial close in front of anyone else involved in making the decision about your patients oral health.

If nothing else, it at least prevents your patient from using this as an excuse not to accept treatment at this time. Strive to have all decision makers involved in case presentation. You set yourself for higher success levels when doing so!

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