Team Morale Article


Team morale in every practice you own is key to patients feeling good about the practice.

As owners one of the best investments you can make is committing to open communication. I suggest you schedule team meetings in your office and the new office to talk to team members about your practice plans. This will reduce the anxiety around the businesses. Effective communication can improve by scheduling regular team meetings and periodic joint meetings. Perhaps the most important thing to share with team members is that no significant changes to either office will occur without prior communication.

Team morale in every practice you own is key to patients feeling good about the practice. Retaining patients in your existing office and any new practices is essential to growing the businesses. You may decide to integrate a human resource liaison to manage personnel as this facet of practice management can be time intensive. You may decide managing people would be better

suited for someone other than the two of you.


Implement in each practice effective reporting using practice monitors to evaluate results relative to practice goals. Determine realistic practice goals that are attainable and shared with all team members.


Lastly, consider the items of the list below:

1. Consider the travel time between practices - whether you treat patients or manage


2. Commit to working longer hours when you acquire another practice


3. Hire wisely! Whether you hire a dental associate or team members


4. Take into account the unique differences of each location and customize business development plans


5. Build into your business plans time off to rest and re-energize


6.  Be patient and tenacious as the offices may have periods where one or both fail to meet your expectations


7. Open lines of communication


8. As leaders define your roles then share with your team members


9. Establish practice goals and implement monitors to collect results


10. Establish operating budgets in each practice


11. Learn how to use the dental practice management software

These are simply a list of some of the things to consider.


As dental professionals if you and your partner are well prepared to embark on purchasing dental offices you will likely do well. Given that you and your partner own a successful practice you already know the time and energy required and have valuable experience to apply to new ventures.

How do I best take advantage of my website?

Harold Meredith answers:


There are many ways a dental office can obtain new patients. Asking current patients for referrals, proper professional signage helps, mailing campaigns sometimes work, networking with local businesses is also a possibility.


However, in today's day and age, the internet is of course a great opportunity to encourage individuals to visit your office, but in fact is a great source to drive new patients into your practice as well.


Your home page is the key. You may only get a few moments to catch someone's attention when they visit your site, so your home page must be eye catching, preferably all custom photos, and most importantly you must drive home consumer benefits.


The first two questions prospective patients have when they call your office are usually going to be the following: Are you accepting new patients? Do you take my insurance? Both of those points need to be boldly presented on your home page.



Secondly, your custom photos are hugely important, and third, consumer benefits. Your facility should be showcased, amenities and your range of services offered is all very important to catching the consumer's eye. You must understand that your home page needs to be designed to draw attention and create interest by focusing on what the patient wants and needs. How do you benefit them?

To me, when I search for something on the Internet, want it fast; the faster the better. So your home page must be strong, communicating consumer benefits is the most important aspect of your site. Think about what the consumer wants and give it to them on your home page.


Driving your home page to the top of the Search Engines is also important. Be careful with those that promise you results when it comes to Search Engine Optimization for the generic search. Some Search Engines are much more popular than others, so be careful where you place your Search Engine advertising dollars. Many Dentists do not understand this whole process of SEO and ad words.


Research this before you buy something from the first company that knocks on your door.


In my experience, reviews seem to be a big help in many respects, both in driving traffic to your website and in gaining the confidence of the consumer. Getting your patients to post reviews when they are in your office works best; just make sure that they are not on your Wi-Fi when they are doing it. Reviews are important, certainly when they are posted in the right spot.

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