Sales 101

It is extremely important to understand that our product, dentistry, is of great value. Too often we discount our product/services as some professionals seem to be embarrassed to charge their patients for the quality dental care that they truly require. The amount of time, money and effort you invest to be able to offer your patients this service deserves that you charge what you charge. Anyone that tells you differently does not understand what you went through to get here.

Understanding your competition is important. Who is your biggest competition? What do they sell? Dentistry? No. Other dental offices close to you are competition, but they are not your biggest competition. We are forced to compete with other businesses outside of our field more than we compete with our industry. We need to sell what we do.

Everyone that competes with us is selling their products and services. We need to do the same. So. Who is our biggest competitor? Easy. Walmart. Walmart sells more products than anyone. By far. You must understand that selling your product is vital to the success of your business.

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