Also a very common term in sales is P.O.P. This term is extremely important and is understood by your retail competitors, not only understood, they rely on it and build their facilities based on it. P.O.P stands for the Point Of Purchase.

 Every team member needs to understand that this component of sales is also a very important component to the closing or the acceptance of treatment as well.

Make sure that the automated email or text communication that you utilize allows you to customize the communication for each patient. As well, it is important to confirm that this type of communication can have the verbiage customized for you. Utilizing the correct verbiage is hugely important. Communicating to your patients efficiently and effectively is a big part of this success!

 You will make at least one impulsive buying decision at the point of purchase. Many retailers place the impulsive items at check out as they know while you are waiting you will make an impulsive buying decision!

Dentistry must take advantage of this same concept, as it is much more important for our patients to accept their treatment than to buy a chocolate bar at a grocery counter check out.

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