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Meet Harold Meredith


Harold Meredith is an entertaining, motivational speaker in the field of Dentistry. For over 24 years, Harold has spoken to audiences of up to 500 attendees on the importance of effective communication and marketing in a dental office. Case presentation, telephone answering skills, utilizing visual communication and creating eye catching, creative materials is the basis for Harold's dental lecture.


Harold will provide your group with an exciting presentation that includes examples of marketing concepts and opportunities to both help and encourage your dental team to meet your goals. Most professionals do not communicate their goals to their team members, a common mistake that seriously affects meeting your targets and goals.

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"Communication, education and marketing are a huge ingredient in the development and growth of any business! Experiences in dental offices across North America over the past twenty four years have been rewarding, interesting, and have become a key ingredient in the teaching of dental office team members. Understanding the difficulties in owning, building and managing a dental office, then being able to explore the opportunities in managing and marketing that business in a time efficient, cost effective manner is of great interest to most, if not all dental owners and practitioners."

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