Harold Meredith

Team members do not only need to be taught, but taught in a way that allows them the opportunity to continue the chosen path of any concept or system. Practice, practice, practice! Your team members must be given a system to follow, a system that creates great working habits and repetition. Too often we hear, "Oh, we used to do that", in a dental office. Once you learn, you implement, and then you communicate and practice what you have learned and implemented on an ongoing basis!  Once your team learns what they need to learn, it is the responsibility of the dentist or the dental manager to continue to encourage and teach, and most importantly to be continually practicing what we learn.


Harold has spoken at over 300 dental meetings to thousands of Dentists and team members since 1991. Doctors will learn the importance of communicating visually; branding, print concepts and websites as they pertain to image, case acceptance and practice building. Telephone answering skills and professional case presentation is communicated as well.


Harold Meredith is President of Dental Marketers and has visited over 5,000 dental offices across Canada and the United States.


Dentists should think of their “practice” as a business first, based on their goals, solidifying it financially, so the clinical care is enhanced through education, technology, proper management, tracking, business systems, structure and marketing.

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