Getting to closed


Presenting treatment plans more efficiently and effectively is what makes your dental practice more profitable. It is obvious that treatment acceptance in the dental office is critical to growth, success and rewards for team members, Doctors and patients.

Having a professional sales system to increase case acceptance as well as challenge the team to train toward excellence is vital to practice success. The Dental Marketers Case Acceptance Manual provides the dental team with the ingredients to enhance the opportunities for increased acceptance rates.

Each team member has an important role to play in ensuring patients feel comfortable and well taken care of. The Dental Marketers Case Acceptance Manual is designed to guide you through the process of patient communication and the sales process necessary to be successful.

Getting to closed begins from the first patient contact through the Internet or the telephone. Once the patient is in your office, the closing process is carried through while the patient is at the point of purchase.

The Dental Marketers Case Acceptance System will teach you and your team to utilize visual communication tools, proper hand off techniques, professional verbiage and closing skills to increase your case acceptance rates and retention.

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