custom brochures


Take advantage of a very large opportunity by having a custom, multi-purpose brochure represent all aspects of your business.

 Your team is then taught how to ask for referrals with your new custom brochure. Other opportunities such as mailings, inserts and networking with local businesses and professionals, are also taken advantage of. Our series of networking letters and printed guidelines on how to utilize your new custom brochure are included with your custom brochures.

It is important to have your brochure present benefits. Benefits marketing is the important aspect to building your practice! The consumer is interested in how you benefit them, so we suggest you communicate the important information as it pertains to patient benefits. Do you take their insurance or file their claims? Do you have convenient hours, free parking, hot towels, televisions, headphones, coffee, water, recent magazines, games for the kids, warm blankets, free WI-Fi, etc?

Your custom brochure is a window of opportunity to communicate, educate and market your benefits, services and, very importantly, that you accept new patients.

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